Victória & Bruno

There are weddings that stick in our hearts. Some for the contagious energy of the group, others for the decoration that surpasses everything we imagined, others because they make us feel part of the family, friends in a moment of sharing.

Even after seven years of organizing and decorating weddings and accompanying the bride and groom on the W-day, one way or another, they all touch and cling to some part of us. Victoria and Bruno have touched our sensitive hearts and we will always remember them lovingly.

They came from Brazil and chose to marry in the Algarve, a place known for the extraordinary beaches and good weather. In April. If you do not know, there is a Portuguese saying “Em Abril, águas mil ”(In April, a thousand waters), meaning a high probability of rain on that month. Luckily we have another saying “Casamento molhado, casamento abençoado” (Wet wedding, blessed wedding).

For Victoria and Bruno the most important thing was to share their love with the most important people in their lives and that love was so big that it overflowed through their pores. All the rain, or sun, or whatever came that day would be welcomed and celebrated. They were the mirror of happiness and we wish them to continue that way for many years to come.

Wel & Ross

There are people who inspire us to be kind, true and giving. Wel and Ross are just like that. This beautiful couple came from Brooklyn to get married in north of Portugal, in the amazing Mosteiro de Amares, one of our favourite venues of all times.

The wedding ceremony was a celebration of the love between Wel and Ross, but also an emotional occasion to reunite relatives and honor the importance of family and the bonds that connects them.

It was a real pleasure to be part of this moment in their lives and be able to help them make their ideas come true. The decoration was minimalist with beautiful greenery and some oranges from Amares, candles and festoon lights.

An intense ceremony, a laid-back cocktail and intimate outdoor dinner to the sound of Fado music. No words can describe the energy felt on that day and the amazing experience we could witness.

Carrie & Miguel

There is so much to say about this wedding that we don’t even know where to start.

When Carrie reached us we couldn’t have been more excited. The blogger behind WishWishWish was getting married! A very interesting fashion, food and travel blog from London with thousands of followers.

Carrie and Miguel are a creative, laid-back couple who knew exactly what they wanted for their special day. The bride imagined and designed every item of the decor down to the smallest detail and when you see the photographs of this wedding, you can almost feel the fondness she dedicated to this task. Always gentle and kind, it was a great pleasure to help them make some of their visions come true and to support them in the choices they had to make.

The venue of a romantic atmosphere, surrounded by greenery, a beautiful water mirror and innumerable nooks to explore, could not have been a better choice. Although the rain kept threatening the day this was truly a dream wedding. The party was simply unforgettable with Miguel’s old colleagues playing the first dance music live and the groom joining them as lead singer for a concert for their dearest family and friends.

A toast to them, be happy and authentic forever.

Maria & Carlos

Douro Valley is hardly a bad scenario for a wedding, but Maria and Carlos, a young and stylish Brazilian couple, exceed all expectations. This was a Destination Wedding with 270 guests that travelled all the way from Brazil, and even Japan, to celebrate love with our couple.

The venue couldn’t be better, Six Sense Douro Valley is definitely a special place that set the tone for the entire wedding: modern, stylish combined with tradition.

Surrounded by Douro’s green fields, touches of blue hydrangeas and bright pink flowers were selected for the outside ceremony that was held under the Portuguese summer sun. The table centerpieces were inspired by white and blue tiles to match the wedding stationery, designed carefully by the mother of the bride. Fantastic ceramic vases along with metallic glass and candles created an elegant yet simple decor for the tables.

Lighting was a big important factor when planning this big and luxurious wedding, using the modern architecture characteristics of the venue and enhance them with lighting, created an intimate fun and ready to party mood for the reception.

The choice was very successful to set the right mood as the party went by all night long until the sun was rising above the wonderful Douro as if the river itself was celebrating love along with Maria and Carlos.

Alicia & David

Alicia and David’s wedding was a first in many ways. This Australian couple have never been in Portugal when they decided to get married in Portugal. It was only until the previous week of the wedding that they first stepped into our country. Why Portugal? we asked them. “We have seen a movie about Portugal, and at that time fell in love with the country”. Alicia and David fully trusted us, we were their eyes and their right arm in every decision regarding the wedding.

With an amazing scenario in the background the ceremony was held in a very intimate and magic moment outside the castle walls, followed by a cocktail.  Such a a small wedding, with only 40 guests, called for an intimate dinner that was held in one long table, setting a comfortable family style mood.