Juliana & João

Juliana and João were high school sweethearts and came all the way from São Paulo, Brazil to get married in the north of Portugal.

Pousada de Amares, an old and lost monastery recovered by the famous Portuguese architect Souto Moura, was their choice to celebrate their big day. Juliana loves architecture and interior design, she even has her very own successful blog about design, decoration and architecture. It was only natural that Pousada de Amares was the chosen venue for their wedding.

Styling wise, luscious flowers made the ceremony arch the perfect framing for the bride and groom at the altar. The stunning landscape and surroundings did the rest.

The dinner was served in a room that used to be a chapel. It is a banquet room now, with modern large lamps where the new and the old live together.

The styling concept for this wedding was all about nature, with the use of a generous mix of flowers and plants. Almost like if the time had stop and nature took the monastery back to its kingdom. Warm colours, rich metal tones (copper and gold) and a stunning sweets table (“mesa de doces” in Portuguese) that kept this rather Brazilian tradition alive in this northern Portuguese corner.

Rachel & Trevor

We could not have ended our wedding season better on 2018. Rachel and Trevor’s wedding was very emotional, full of family traditions and expressions of love and gratitude.

The couple chose Pestana Palace in Lisbon city center as the ideal scenario for their special day, and after arriving from a beautiful religious ceremony they have honored the elderly guests with a meaningful Tea Ceremony in one of the palatial rooms.

Candles lit all over the dining room provided tan elegant and intimate ambiance, together with scented flowers and delicate details such olive leaves, tile cookies and shiny laser-cut acrylic names on each seat.

The party was held at the Palace’s old stables and started with lovely daughter-father and mother-son dances, continuing through the night on the crowded dance floor with funny pictures displayed in real-time on a LED wall.

The happiest day ever for Rachel and Trevor had it all: love, joy, legacy, a bit of rain to bless their future life together and even surprise peonies on the bride’s bouquet!

Tabitha & Joe

When we first met Tabitha and Joe we were fascinated by this amazingly stylish couple, that had a sharp eye for detail and a knack for decoration and DIY projects.

We knew that all vendors and suppliers involved on the wedding had to combine perfectly with their elegant yet natural and relaxed style, so when they showed us their dream venue we knew it was a match: a Palace in Lisbon that combines the traditional portuguese tiles with dreamlike themes, references to ancient deities and portuguese History.

The ceremony happened outdoors with the unconventional but stunning setup that took advantage of the architectural potencial of the building to enhance the intimacy of that moment.

After the cocktail by the lake (where lives Gordon, the swan, named by Tabitha the first time she saw him), the guests were led to the interior of the Palace where a singer and two guitar players surprised them with a Fado concert.

The warm evening was perfect to have the dinner and party on the terrace. The long table combined the blush colours of the proteas with the gold details of the candleholders, and the blue tiles worked as the best backdrop for the toasts to the bride and groom and the sweet memories that will be treasured forever.

Teodora & Ziggy

Foodies and wine lovers, Theodora and Ziggy came from the United States and could not have chosen a better venue to celebrate their wedding: the vineyards of Quinta da Bacalhôa Palace, house known for its wines. It is a place steeped in history with a unique atmosphere.

Theodora and Ziggy brought with them family and friends from all over the world to celebrate their love in this idyllic setting.

Emotion, traditions, cocktails at sunset and an extraordinary outdoor dinner. A true summer dream they both yearned for. Vibrant coloured flowers and candlelight set the tone for this intimate and engaging dinner. In the end everyone had a great time with the traditional dances from Bulgaria, home country of the bride, and a live concert of Dino D’Santiago, that even sang the song of their first dance.

It was a pleasure to help them organize this beautiful wedding, as well as a beach party the day before and a farewell brunch the next day. May they always be happy!

Carrie & Miguel

There is so much to say about this wedding that we don’t even know where to start.

When Carrie reached us we couldn’t have been more excited. The blogger behind WishWishWish was getting married! A very interesting fashion, food and travel blog from London with thousands of followers.

Carrie and Miguel are a creative, laid-back couple who knew exactly what they wanted for their special day. The bride imagined and designed every item of the decor down to the smallest detail and when you see the photographs of this wedding, you can almost feel the fondness she dedicated to this task. Always gentle and kind, it was a great pleasure to help them make some of their visions come true and to support them in the choices they had to make.

The venue of a romantic atmosphere, surrounded by greenery, a beautiful water mirror and innumerable nooks to explore, could not have been a better choice. Although the rain kept threatening the day this was truly a dream wedding. The party was simply unforgettable with Miguel’s old colleagues playing the first dance music live and the groom joining them as lead singer for a concert for their dearest family and friends.

A toast to them, be happy and authentic forever.