Naturally in Love

Styled Shoot

This styled shoot was all about Pedro and Nico being in love with each other. It is about the masculinity side of the "getting married business".

We chose a minimal and organic aesthetic that embraces their Pedro and Nico’s passion. Naturally In Love sums up the concept: two people that fell in love, as natural as breathing, as clear as water.

The city of Lisbon was the witness and Prado Restaurante, the top of the game in Lisbon’s cuisine embraced their celebration.

The day starts with a lazy morning in bed and a refreshing breakfast at The Lisboans apartments. 

A quick walk in Lisbon’s narrow streets to get an espresso at the Prado grocery store right around the corner. Portugal has an intense love relationship with espressos in the morning or, as we fondly call it in Lisbon, “bica”. 

There was no better combination to celebrate Nico and Pedro natural love than having Adriana Morais eyes and lens behind these photos, only complemented by the always poetic view from Happy Together Films that created the video that comes along.

Nico e Pedro 003
Nico e Pedro 387

Quickly after it's time to get fancy for the ceremony. The couple chose a relaxed look only completed with the custom made shoes by Undandy, a man shoe's Portuguese brand.

Nico e Pedro 193
Nico e Pedro 305

The ceremony starts as naturally as their love, in an ambience filled with green plants, a characteristic of Prado's restaurant ambience in honor of their "farm to table" food concept. Our styling team idealized the concept and took care of the rest.

Nico e Pedro 020

We used ferns to create the ceremony backdrop, as well as black and gold elements to decorate the large wood table in the center. Also, they selected tones that were inspired by the venue to keep the modern and masculine feel of the space. Little details like the pale green stationary really brought out the identity of this styled shoot.

Nico e Pedro 050
Nico e Pedro 422

Also for the backdrop, the acrylic typography provided by our friends from I Want You Happy, makes the clear statement "Naturally in love" because love is the most natural thing you can get regardless age, color, gender or religion.

Concept, Decoration
and Design
Naturally in Love
Prado Restaurante
and The Lisboans
Adriana Morais
Happy Together
acrylic typography
I Want You Happy

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