T&A Elopement

Alan and Tanya have traveled around the world for 3 years to meet, he from the Netherlands and she from Russia, outscored the distances and finally joined (and we helped).

This couple in love was the winner of the Valentine’s day Como Branco Weddings’ giveaway published on Junebug blog. Together with a selection of suppliers of excellence, we offered an unforgettable elopement.

This inspiring story earned them an intimate ceremony with a magnificent view over the city of Lisbon and all involved made their dream a sweet reality.


C&J Elopement

This rustic chic elopement was the perfect choice for an intimate and very private wedding ceremony.

The couple spent the day enjoying the great landscapes in the area: starting by an early dinner at the lake house, perfect scenario for a romantic dinner, followed by celebration with champagne and a fabulous cake in the woods. At sunset, the lovely couple had a walk at beach and ended the day in a perfect warming moment at the “Circle of fire”, a big outdoors fire pit, that warmed this special day even more.

See also the video.


S&R Elopement

Having the region of Torres Vedras as scenario, Susana and Rui shared with us their love and complicity in this intimate moment.

Typical Portuguese details in small notes can be found in each scenario: swallows welcoming spring time, sardines, fado shawls and Portuguese guitars. In addition, the unmistakable Fado (in live concert) accompanied them throughout the day and served also as soundtrack to the wedding video.

Besides our landscapes and our people, we wanted to share a little bit of what makes this country special. A peculiarity that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and it’s the perfect reason to come to Portugal and get married here.

See also the video.