A wedding planner is a professional whose main goal is to help the couple in every step of their wedding planning, as well as being present throughout the whole process, from the first contact until the wedding day. The wedding planner suggests and presents different venues that are adequate to the couple’s expectations, as well as presenting/suggesting all the suppliers, products and services necessary for the wedding. It’s their function to contact and coordinate all teams, and to create and manage a calendar of all the tasks that need to be completed. They coordinate styling and design so that the final result is perfect and just as the couple imagined.

Since every wedding is unique, the job of the wedding planner never is exactly the same. They establish a special connection with “their” couples, that allows them to understand the couple’s needs and concerns, in order to give answers that are personalized to each case.

Hiring a professional to organize the wedding was usually associated with couples who don’t live in the country where they’re celebrating the wedding, or with couples that don’t have the availability to organize it themselves. However, a wedding planner is an asset to every couple, even those who want to play a more active role in the organisation of their special day.

A wedding is a unique event, that requires a lot of time, and may become a complex task if one doesn’t know where to start, how and where to look for everything. Therefore, hiring a wedding planner is an investment that will be compensated by the experience of the professional on the industry, all the presented solutions and certified recommendations, most of which the couple couldn’t access without help. This process allows people to save time and money, while guaranteeing that all wishes and expectations of the couple will be met.

The answer to this question is very simple: as soon as the couple decides to take this important step! It’s precisely here, before choosing the venue and even the specific date, that Como Branco Weddings should be contacted. From this point, we will analyze the couple’s needs, present suggestions and guide them through the next steps.

The budget of a wedding will vary depending on the preferences of each couple (i.e. venue, location), the number of guests, the vendors hired, the special needs of each event and the priorities each couple defines.

Since each event organized by Como Branco Weddings is unique and completely personalized to the couple’s taste, it’s not possible to establish a fixed rate. However, for a wedding with 100 guests the prices start on €500 per person. Thus it is fundamental that the couple define priorities and a budget estimate.

At Como Branco Weddings we are always available to clarify any questions about the budget, assisting each couple from the start and throughout the whole process to ensure the best services possible.

Destination Wedding is a wedding event celebrated outside the country of origin or residence of the couple.

Como Branco Weddings recommends the best vendors for all needed services (photographers, videographers, musicians, DJs, hairstylists, make-up artists, among others), based on each couple’s profile and the specificities of each event.

After the couple have reviewed the various options and selected their favorites, Como Branco Weddings is in charge of hiring them and managing the entire process.

Yes. After accepting Como Branco Weddings’ proposal, the couple signs a contract that describes all terms and conditions of the agreed services.

At Como Branco Weddings, we work with couples from all over the world and, as such, we are available to meet via Skype/Hangouts or telephone, at the most convenient times.