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Whether in the country or by the sea, we open up our palaces, farms and manor houses to romance, giving a big-hearted welcome to the couples who are tying the knot.

Light and colour in Portugal are a source of inspiration: the light and colour of the sea, but also the filtered light in a recess of the Sintra woods, the diffuse hues among the foliage that inspire poets, painters and lovers.

With an average of more than 300 sunny days a year, even the winter in Portugal can sometimes seem more like spring and you always need to have your sunglasses to hand.

Centuries of history

Portugal is the country with the oldest borders in Europe. For that reason it has a unique cultural heritage where tradition and modernity blend together in perfect harmony.

It has an exceptional range of different landscapes. Portugal’s coastline is 953km long and it is bathed by the Atlantic ocean, which brought Portugal closer to other peoples and cultures. 

There are palaces and castles scattered over the country, each one of them tell the story of Portugal. There are also magical forests in Sintra, waterfalls in Gerês and green woods in Bussaco. All there’s left to do is explore!


& Wine

Cuisine, fine wines and the sympathy of the Portuguese people complete the experience rich in flavors and traditions. Even being a small country the gastronomic variety is immense and varies from region to region. Try the strong flavours from the North, the sea food from the south and do not forget the immensity of Portugal Conventual sweets.

Portugal is a country of strong wine tradition, and the excellent quality of its wines is recognised across the world, with numerous awards and distinctions won in international competitions. Nothing like visiting the regions where they are produced.


A shawl, a Portuguese guitar, a voice and heartfelt emotion. This simple image could describe Fado, a recognised symbol of Portugal, and a music of the world that is genuinely Portuguese. In 2011, UNESCO granted Fado the World Heritage status.

At its heart is sentiment, lost love, longing for a departed one, everyday life and triumphs. After all, the vicissitudes of life provide endlessly inspirational topics.

To experience it, Fado houses are the best places to listen to it. With their very particular atmosphere in an intimate space, dining by candle light to the sound of a melody which you understand without knowing the language is a unique and unforgettable experience.

From a Latin root, Portuguese is spoken by about 250 million people in every continent, being the 5th most spoken language in the entire world.

More than a day, an experience

Destination Weddings can become true experiences, with the best that Portugal has to offer. Celebrating with your friends and family is the most important and this goes way beyond than just the wedding day. 

It is much more than a one day experience: it can include a welcome cocktail or dinner in a hip rooftop with a breathtaking view over Lisbon. It can be also a farewell brunch on the beach or a day cruising the Douro river. Or even indulging your guests into a wine tasting at a vineyard in Alentejo or a Fado night in Alfama, you will get a genuinely Portuguese experience.

Destination Weddings​

They are our speciality, we will do everything to make you dream wedding in Portugal come true. 


Unique and intimate, if you are a couple who find himself getting married in a magical corner  of Portugal, contact us.