Since 2012

yours as our own.

It was a wish that brought us together, the wish to create what was then just a project and is today a wedding planning and styling company, consolidated in the Portuguese wedding industry.

Since our very first wedding back in 2012, we felt this was what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives. At that moment we promised to treat each wedding as our own – with love, enthusiasm and attention to the smallest detail.

We have been entirely dedicated to “our” couples since then, sharing with each one of them other our knowledge and experience of many years of planning and decorating Destination Weddings in Portugal.

We know (and keep searching everyday) fabulous locations all over the country and amazing suppliers who, like us, offer their hearts with every work they do.

We are very proud of the relationships we have created with our couples from all over the world, which grows over many months of continuous work together and often lasts beyond their wedding day.

Our commitment is to be by your side all the way, as if it were our own day, and we can’t wait to share it all with you.

Carina Martins

Co-founder, Wedding Planner

Our fashionista here at the office. You’re wondering about the perfect birthday present, or simply a souvenir to bring her from your trip? Find something with a cat (anything, really) and you’ll never go wrong.

Marta Sousa

Co-founder, Wedding Stylist

Makeup lover and night owl eager for the first cup of coffee in the morning. Her dream wedding cake is a big round four-tier tower made of CHEESE.

Joana Antunes

Co-founder, Wedding Planner

Illustration master with a passion for photography. Struggling to find that random fun fact you really need to know? Just give her 5 minutes, an Internet connection and it’s all set.

Margarida Sequeira

Co-founder, Wedding Planner

Wine enthusiast and to-do lists’ addict. Give her a jar of gummy bears (big size, sour flavour) and witness pure joy.


Raising the curtain

See the action in the backstage of our weddings