Victória & Bruno

There are weddings that stick in our hearts. Some for the contagious energy of the group, others for the decoration that surpasses everything we imagined, others because they make us feel part of the family, friends in a moment of sharing.

Even after seven years of organizing and decorating weddings and accompanying the bride and groom on the W-day, one way or another, they all touch and cling to some part of us. Victoria and Bruno have touched our sensitive hearts and we will always remember them lovingly.

They came from Brazil and chose to marry in the Algarve, a place known for the extraordinary beaches and good weather. In April. If you do not know, there is a Portuguese saying “Em Abril, águas mil ”(In April, a thousand waters), meaning a high probability of rain on that month. Luckily we have another saying “Casamento molhado, casamento abençoado” (Wet wedding, blessed wedding).

For Victoria and Bruno the most important thing was to share their love with the most important people in their lives and that love was so big that it overflowed through their pores. All the rain, or sun, or whatever came that day would be welcomed and celebrated. They were the mirror of happiness and we wish them to continue that way for many years to come.

Nathalia & Tiago

Nathalia and Tiago are both Brazilians living in Europe and their guests came from Brazil, United Kingdom and Portugal. It was very important for them to celebrate their wedding here in honor of Tiago’s Portuguese family.

They were looking for a venue full of history and tradition so that their friends and family got to know the essence of this unique country. Together we visited palaces, convents, monasteries and quintas, north to south of the country, but it was in the Alentejo that they chose to plan this unforgettable celebration. Convento de Arraiolos received the welcome cocktail to their guests and the wedding in the day that followed.

Here the old and the modern, the Portuguese blue tiles and Brazilian inspirations coexisted in an incredibly elegant way. The romantic Alentejo landscape contrasted with the exuberant decoration. The sweets table dazzled everyone, the Portuguese fado concert touched all the presents and the party on the illuminated dance floor lasted until dawn. A memorable experience for all who witnessed this great day.