Sophia & Kieran

With a stunning and unique view over the sea and the Cascais bay, this historical place was the chosen setting for Sophia and Kieran’s wedding, one of the most relaxed couples we have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Always warm and kind have made the whole planning process a smooth task and we felt like guests at this magical wedding along with a team of excellence suppliers who ensured the perfect day.

The light and bright decor followed the bride and groom’s vision. Simplicity and elegance in pink, gold and white. Truly a dream by the sea.

Teodora & Ziggy

Foodies and wine lovers, Theodora and Ziggy came from the United States and could not have chosen a better venue to celebrate their wedding: the vineyards of Quinta da Bacalhôa Palace, house known for its wines. It is a place steeped in history with a unique atmosphere.

Theodora and Ziggy brought with them family and friends from all over the world to celebrate their love in this idyllic setting.

Emotion, traditions, cocktails at sunset and an extraordinary outdoor dinner. A true summer dream they both yearned for. Vibrant coloured flowers and candlelight set the tone for this intimate and engaging dinner. In the end everyone had a great time with the traditional dances from Bulgaria, home country of the bride, and a live concert of Dino D’Santiago, that even sang the song of their first dance.

It was a pleasure to help them organize this beautiful wedding, as well as a beach party the day before and a farewell brunch the next day. May they always be happy!