Marlene & Wilson

In that cold November day, Marlene and Wilson brought us the Angola warmth!Refinement, elegance, beauty and many, many flowers was all the bride had ask for, and we had never seen so much glamour together.

A dream place of kings and queens, this palace was the main scenario and made this day unforgettable for us. No detail was overlooked and every corner of the palace was a testimony of that love.

Never before winter had warmed us as much as that day, and roses will never be “just roses” for Como Branco Weddings.

Ana & Nuno

Welcome to the jungle and to one of the most beautiful weddings of the year.

Ana and Nuno brought us Africa and we helped them to show how wild and colourful a wedding can be!

Their ceremony had the perfect view, to what appeared to be a never-ending and overwhelming sea.
A memorable Photo Booth (with real jungle sounds!) and animal footprints all over the tables complement the decoration of this very special place: a “savannah by the sea”

Susanne & Pieter

This love story came to us directly from Sweden, and will stay forever in our minds as one of the most intimate and magical weddings.
It was such a small and intimate group, and it was just perfect that way. We witnessed love, complicity and tear (of joy, of course!)

With Nature as our hostess, we had everything to make a remarkable ceremony: the castle, the king, the queen, the little princess and even the cellos to enchant the stones of this Pousada.

We felt really lucky to be a part of this day dedicated to family and close friends.

Stacy & Andrew

An unforgettable venue like this one hardly disappoints a bride, even those who have always dreamed about princess weddings.

This was precisely Stacy and Andrew’s dream and our team, following each step to detail, helped to make it come true. Their guests traveled from all over the world to attend an intimate, memorable and, therefore, unforgettable ceremony.

In shades of white, green and lavender, the ceremony decor contributed to further enhance the venue’s beauty.