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yours, as our own.

At Como Branco Weddings  we offer an integrated wedding planning service for couples all over the world, who elect Portugal as the setting for the most important day of their lives.

We build unique and unforgettable experiences through a close relationship with the customers, where attention to the smallest detail is always present. All couples are accompanied from the first moment and throughout all the stages of organizing a wedding, each aspect being crafted and completely personalized to the couple’s taste.

If you are a couple with lots of ideas, we’ll add our personal touch and make it happen. If you are undecided, that’s why we exist!

At Como Branco Weddings we also work to know the home country of our customers, so we can reconcile the two cultures without any loss of identity.

About Us
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You are a couple full of ideas, talk to us and we make it special.

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